Who we are

We are a team filled with diversity and motivation, passionate about creating the best possible digital products and building a better future together. We constantly push ourselves to improve. We leave things better than we found them. We operate with a team-first mindset.

Ioana Verebi
Vlad Temian
Marius Bălaj
Andrada Olteanu
Head of People
Valeriu Chiș
Technical Lead
Mihai Temian
Full-Stack Developer
Sebastian Bălaj
Senior Software Developer
Denis Homoki
Front-end Developer
Vlad Petru
Art Director
Alin Iosa
Senior Project Manager
Ionatan Dumea
Full-Stack Developer
Rareș Stoica
Full-Stack Developer
Alexandra Sfetcu
Senior Project Manager
Ana Madincea
Front-end Developer
Andrei Tamaș
Senior QA Engineer
Alexandru Cotac
QA Engineer
Octavian Stănescu
Social Media Manager
Adrian Diniș
Senior DevOps Engineer
Tudor Moroșan
Full-Stack Developer
Anca Narița

Time out

Since we genuinely enjoy hanging out, we regularly organize team buildings, LAN parties, movie nights and much more...

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5

We’re always keen on collaborating

Vlad Temian
Marius Balaj
Ioana Verebi

Let’s see how we can turn your idea into a functional product or boost your team’s performance

Union Square no. 13, office 11-12, Timisoara, Romania.
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